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Started by KyleN90, 13 February 2021, 03:35:19 PM

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Quote from: T13A on 13 February 2021, 05:55:46 PM
Hi Kyle

Which rules do you use for Naps?

Cheers Paul
Hi Paul
At the moment we're looking at just using black powder rules from Warlord Games, but due to COVID we haven't played any games with 10mm yet...

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Thank you.
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Hi Kyle, welcome to the forum and may I just say what great looking figures those are.
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Steve J

Welcome on board Kyle and nice figures too :).

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Techno II

Great paint job...and welcome from me, too !

Cheers - Phil  :)

Ben Waterhouse

Hi Kyle, lovely figures.
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Looking good; really like the numbers on the bases!

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