Warband Variants?

Started by AndyT, 29 July 2020, 07:55:43 PM

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I have been thinking how I might play ECW using a variation of the Warband rules.

Just checking here to make sure no one has beaten me to it...?


Not sure on that one, Andy. :-\

Anyone ?

Cheers - Phil

Big Insect

I think you are safe on that one Andy  :D

We've used Warband for historical ancients games - it works fine without the magic etc. but we found the troop types a little 'vanilla'.
However with ECW your range of core troop types is pretty limited - so it should work.

Were you thinking of having Pike & Shot formations as a single base?
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Hi, yes if just for the visual effect as much as anything i had combined pike and shot units in mind plus independent commanded musket units.

At the moment this has got no further than a few vague thoughts in my head.


Out of interest why are you looking to adapt Warband vs using a system designed for ECW such as For King and Parliament? Just favour the rules?


Well I like the large bases from warband, although I realise that big bases are used in other rules.

My small brain struggles to remember too many rule sets so that is another excuse.

I don't know For King And Parliament but I will investigate.

Cheers, Andy


I would also recommend FK&P, they have a great period feel and always give a great game

I do understand the challenge of trying to remember too many rulesets, but keeping too many variants straight can also be a challenge :-\
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Yeah FK&P works with single bases. paulr above has done some great battle reports with it.