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Started by Terry37, 09 January 2020, 09:49:37 PM

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It is time to bring the 2019 Good, Bad and Ugly Tournament to a close. I have just posted the winners of the best Theme Army, Pete Duckworth's army of "Rioters and Protesters" and the best Stronghold is Neil Mason's "Steam Train" for his black and white movie ACW army. Congratulations to both these winners, as well to all of the local winners of each Leg.

The tournament was a big success again this year with some great attendance and some very creative armies. It was with much delight that the Paris Leg joined us for the first time, under the coordination of Claude Chenuil. Paris has already committed to participating again this year!!!

Being able to have such a world wide event happen can only be due to the hard work and contributions of more than a few folks, and it is at this time that I would like to express thanks to the following people and businesses that have been so instrumental in making it happen.

First, I have to thank the Leg Coordinators, who manage, host and run the various Legs around the world. They put in many hours of work coordinating with the years theme, arranging for prizes and locations and to hosting and  holding the event at their locatioins. Their work behind the scenes is critical to the success, and should not go unacknowledged.

In that vein, I am very happy to express thanks to Gavin at Alternative Armies for contributing a HOTT army to the tournament postage free. This is a tremendous donation and gave me for the first time an opportunity to give some special recognition to one of the leg Coordinators.  A set of criteria was established for each Leg Coordinator to provide information about their Leg, where by their name was put into the hat up to three times for a drawing to win the Alternative Army. So very sincere thanks to Gavin!!! Bob Carter of the North Yorkshire Leg was this year's winner – Congratulations Bob!

A very big thank you goes out to Martin at Dragonfrog games for making this years give away of an MDF wizard's Tower. This is a really nice piece too!!! I also have to thank Mike McEwan, the Shetland Leg Coordinator for covering the cost of this give away for all the Legs!!!!

I also want to express thanks to David McBride of Splintered Light Miniatures, Michael Renager of Rebel Miniatures and Ian Kay of Irregular Miniatures who have been so supportive of the tournament over the years.

On a more local basis, my very sincere thanks to friend and author Nicholas Smith for donating complete sets of his excellent post-apocalyptic series – Extinction Cycle and Hell Divers as prizes for the Nashville Leg of the tournament (Nick is a bestselling author whose works are truly worth reading).

I would be remiss if I did not also thank Phil and Sue Barker for their support and interest in this tournament and for the great set of rules that we game with.

Lastly and equally as important, I want to thank all those who participated in this year's tournament, and hope you will join in again in the 2020 tournament.

This year's theme is: Armies of History, Literature, and Mythology in the World Outside of Europe.  Create a HOTT army drawing from the lore and facts of Africa, the Near to Far East, Oceania, and pre-Columbian Americas without the Europeans and their descendants, or their literature.  Of course, as always, players can enter with any army they want.  It is just that Theme armies qualify for the Barker Award and the Stronghold Prize. 

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And of course thanks to you Terry for pulling this all together  :-bd =D> :-bd =D> :-bd
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Big Insect

Great event - I will most certainly participate again in 2020

Might even consider putting Slimbridge (UK) back on the HoTT circuit for GBnUIT 2020???

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