Telephone Scammers.

Started by Techno, 13 June 2019, 03:13:09 PM

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Techno II

QuoteSadly some do.  I once was daft enough to fill in one of those "win a holiday" surveys at an airport.  Well the plane was delayed, I was "tired and emotional"...  Luckily I put a false first name with the real mobile number.  Its obviously for sale on a list somewhere as I have had quite a few calls for it since.

Since the time I filled in a form for some wonker (10 ? years ago)....I've changed my e'mail addy....and that (fortunately) still seems to be 'secret'.

I have had just one call in the last few years, where I've asked "What's my name, then sonny ?".....And the answer was a surname from someone who used this (postal) addy, as a blind, for her own nefarious reasons.

I know exactly who that was.

One day, I'll drop her in the poop. :d  :d

Cheers - Phil. :)