New Great Northern War Flags!

Started by Leon, 08 August 2017, 10:47:57 PM

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08 August 2017, 10:47:57 PM Last Edit: 09 August 2017, 12:06:53 AM by Leon
Even though the moulding queue has slowed somewhat, the new releases continue and this time we've got some revamped GNW flags for everyone.  These are once more the work of the Mr Tony Hughes (Tiny Tin Troops) and replace all of the existing sheets as well as adding a second set for the Russians.

Great Northern War -
PNFL220   Swedish flags, type 1
PNFL221   Swedish flags, type 2
PNFL222   Russian flags, type 1
PNFL223   Russian flags, type 2

All priced at £2.50 per sheet

And the pics!


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I'm liking the GNW set more and more, need to read up on it for in depth context.  My wife is Lithuanian so this is a fun one to transition to for history lesson after our study of the 1650s uprising (With Fire and Sword film is kitchy but good!)

US schools pass over these conflicts entirely.

Can you take off the watermark, it looks terrible when I print them out.   ;)

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