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Started by Chieftain, 09 April 2015, 08:48:24 AM

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09 April 2015, 08:48:24 AM Last Edit: 09 April 2015, 11:02:56 AM by Chieftain
jchaos has put together a great resource for 10mm figure images.  This should help you decide which Pendraken models to use for your Warband units.


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Wow.  That's a bit of work. :-bd

Useful resource too.
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If he keeps using the chainsaw, the value of his work will soon go up.


The catalogue is still growing. I am still adding entries on my figures. I am not expecting having all the ranges ... that is not possible.

So if someone of you thinks it is useful and would like to  upload your pictures of new references or figures painted in references that already exist or conversions or warband rules of new units, all kind of contributions will be very welcome.

In most of the cases if you click the image, it makes bigger (to see detailes)  instead direct you to another page.

have fun and I wish you excellent diorama bases for warband!


jchaos - Great work.     :-bd


What a superb resource, brilliant to see what the various ranges of figures look like. Kudos sir! :-bd :-bd



I will try to make some updates


Fantastic resource, Jchaos! Thanks for the hard work - beautiful presentation also.
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