Late 17th/Early 18th century Ottoman Army

Started by Hwiccee, 06 April 2015, 04:38:57 PM

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06 April 2015, 04:38:57 PM Last Edit: 06 April 2015, 04:53:33 PM by Hwiccee
Hi all,

Prompted by other posts on the Ottomans I thought it was about time I got some of my army up. Sorry the photography is not great.

First a photo of the whole army.

At the bottom is the European Sipahi with Moldavian and Wallachian allies in front. For all the Sipahi I used a mixture of OT3 and OT4. For the European Sipahi I removed about half of the shields/lances, converting the lances into swords/pistols/carbines. The Moldavian/Wallachian cavalry are TYW Croats and Renaissance Polish dragoons. I also usually mix in some Cossacks but they are on loan at the moment.

In the middle are the infantry and artillery with the Kapakula (what used to be called the Sipahi of the Porte) behind. For the Kapakula I removed all the of the shields/lances, converting the lances into swords/pistols/carbines.

At the top are the Asian Sipahi with Tatars in front. The Asian sipahi are OT3 & OT4 with no modification. The tatars are tatar figures with Polish light horse mixed in. Once again I would normally add cossacks.




Cracking! I like the attention to more recent detail with the replacement weapons :)

I'm afraid I just handwaviumed it, being a tad less confident in my choppin abilities in 10mm!
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Steve J

They look great en masse. The Ottomans and the Italian Wars appeal as they are have such colourful units.

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I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of what are you talking?

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If he keeps using the chainsaw, the value of his work will soon go up.


Very nice!  I have the Ottomans in 15mm love these armies!

Lovely looking armies.   :-bd

I have an Army Pack of the 16th Century Ottomans, thinking about doing them (and others) up for 10mm version of the new 'By Fire and Sword' rules.  (These pictures just confirmed my thoughts that it should look pretty impressive.)

Also like the way you have divided the armies up into regional ones, which seemed the policy of the OE from what I have read.   =D>