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Author Topic: BKC Deployment Query (Facebook question)  (Read 1098 times)
Big Insect
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« on: 10 August 2021, 09:00:12 AM »

QUESTION: Can someone advise me about deploying Inf Guns. On page 20 I am reading that they are exempt from deploy rules except for the 2 guns stated. On page 45 I am reading they all need to be deployed.
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Heavy guns are towed on once deployed are fixed untill you spend actions to limber, move and unlimbers.
Man handled guns can move easier therefore not fixed. It's a bit cheesy as in reality the move would be reduced.

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So does that mean heavier guns need to unlimber and then deploy?

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Deploy means they need to be towed on not just put into the table in situation.
The only other way is to set them up in your deployment zone and leave them there

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Hmm. My copy of BKC4 is not the same as your copy. The relevant text on page 20 is not the same.

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What does yours say please? Mine was a pdf downloaded last week
I think the wording is very poor. No examples are supplied.
Basically infantry guns start each move stationary . In practice you can move them or direct fire them from where you start.
Towed guns you can’t and come onto the table moving. In practice this means it unlimbers before firing or limbers before moving

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Page 76 special abilities
Any arty that has a move value can be manhandled. Others without move value are either deploy or can’t move. . Technically you can tow an 88 into a final position and it stays there. The others can move by manhandling (my> -) or limbered / unlimbered with a transport. (Mv - and deploy ability)

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Because of how much the guns weigh turning them by hand is impossible, literally having to use a transport to alter their direction of fire. The 88 and bofors have a crank that you can turn 360°.

I am not on Facebook (& wont be joining) but this question and various answers (see above) have appeared on the BKC Facebook page - published here for the 'record'.

This is an on-going challenge with all the Commander sets and whilst we had hoped we'd corrected/clarified things in the BKCIV Errata, maybe we need to be a bit more specific.
I'll take a look at this specifically and respond in due course. However, the principle is as follows:

A). Artillery (Guns) in the lists that have a movement stat against them are by definition either guns that can be man-handled (Infantry Guns) or are Self-Propelled guns. These moves are reduced for man-handled guns, as compared with SP-Guns. To move a man-handled gun further it will need to be towed - and so the Deploy move must be used.

B ). Those on-table Artillery units (Guns) that have no movement stats, will need some sort of tows to move them - no matter how small the distance. These tows need to be bought separately. These guns need to use the Deploy rule to allow them to be moved (by their tows). Once attached to their tows, they move at the rate of the tow.

C). Some degree of movement or realignment of all Artillery unit is catered for by the Angle of Fire available to on-table artillery units. Some specific named Artillery units have more restricted or wider arcs of fire than the norm. These are highlighted specifically in the Army lists or rules.

Many thanks


Itinerant Hobbyist
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« Reply #1 on: 06 September 2021, 02:49:02 PM »

Thank you for taking time to answer it here.

Even as the creator of the FB group I totally understand why someone wouldn’t join.


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