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Author Topic: Russian Civil Wars 1917 - 1922  (Read 653 times)

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« on: 27 October 2020, 09:50:00 PM »

Hello Folks! Another attempt at some musings here on what can be used for the Russian civil war.

Luckily, Pendraken already manufactre a great range of WW1 Russians and Polish as well as a smaller line of RCW figures too. These will cover most of what anyone would need to create a RCW army, however I am big on the characters to 'add flavour' and the more exquisite conflicts on the fringes of the Crumbling Romanov Empire that can be represented with figures already in the Pendraken ranges.

I won't repeat what can already be found in trhe WW1 Russian, Polish and RCW lines. Only keep in mind that many of these forces had been fighting for 3 years already, before being hastily thrwon together to create new forces from many factions. From photos of the time, we can see that the soldiers wore an extensive range of clothing, so mixing and matching from the different poses listed in the WW1 Russians will just add to the look.

After having a dig around the catalogue and browsing websites here are some other things I could find that may help:

Red Army
Pendraken Code:           Use As:
SVX1                                 Senior Command         (may be a good idea to mix in with some other senior command figures from ww1 range to keep more 'with the age')
SVF 26                              Commisar with megaphone (a good Company commander type figure - does anyone have a photo?)
GEA4                                Sailors
SVF12                               Sailors (Does anyone have a photo?)

White Army
Pendraken Code:           Use As:
IP1 / IP11                          Assault Troops (Adrian Helmet)
GP38, GP6, GP2                  Assault Troops (German Helmet) Bermont-Avalov's Detachment, West Russian Army

Cadets (used by both sides)
Pendraken Code:           Use As:
SVF 19, SCW 22                Cadet Infantry
SVF 21, SCW 26                Cadet Standard Bearer
SCW 23                            Cadet 'bomber'

Partizans (Used by both sides)

Some of these figures may be stretching it a bit, but have a look at the photos in the online catalogue

Pendraken Code:           Use As:
BRF 49                             Lewes Guner (could also be painted up as Cadet Lewes Gunner)
BRF 47                             Rifle, Kneeling
BRF 46                             Rifle, Standing
SCW 66                           Partizan officer

This is a working Document, so please add your own suggestions below, and I will update this list at the top! Also, please let me know if there is something that ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT be here and I can take it out too.


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« Reply #1 on: 28 October 2020, 10:53:01 AM »

The Russo-Japanese war range is useful, as the peakless furashkas of RJ1 Russian foot were common among the "Coloured" Officer regiments of the AFSR. The RJ2 Russian Artillery seems to have the same Putilov 76mm gun, and comes with limbers where the WW1 Russian one doesn't.

The Russo-Turkish war range may also have potential, but I've seen no pictures. Especially one of the RT6 Cossack would be helpful.

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I'm all ears!!

« Reply #2 on: 28 October 2020, 09:18:47 PM »


For sailors you could also use the FPW12 French sailors that could be used with a quick surgery of the cap cherry (officer is also handy generally):-

From memory some of the WW2 Soviet naval have helmets but I could be wrong.



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« Reply #3 on: 05 November 2020, 08:13:18 AM »

Yes, those sailors look like they could be useful. Unfortunately, I can't seem to edit my original post to add them to the list and mark the ww2 sailors as pending, once we've seen a photo.

I was also going to add the RTW Cossacks to the list. I have a set and they're pretty good. Just some cossack-y guys riding with Lance's.
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« Reply #4 on: 05 November 2020, 03:21:37 PM »

Pretty useful list that I can use to augment my RCW forces for use with Peter Pig's Square Bashing.

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