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22 October 2020, 10:42:11 PM

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Our Peninsular Napoleonic project is complete, updates coming soon!
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Author Topic: The Red Flames Little Bit of Everything Painting Adventures  (Read 1275 times)
The Red Flame

Posts: 7

« on: 04 May 2020, 04:33:25 PM »

Greetings ladies and gentleman.

Having recently joined the forum, I figured a painting log was in oder to keep track of what I do and for your perusal. I practice the correct manner of wargaming in that I have way too many projects on the go and no army is ever complete. This results in all manner of shennanigans occuring on the paint desk.

Frst up, and since this is the pendraken forum, are some 10mm. The main thing that has drawn me here is the napoleonics, so I ordered a small pack and did a couple of test minis. Here's number 1:

I was pleased with it but it needed tweaking so here, after some tips on the fourm, is number 2:

This was a little slower as I didn't cheat and use a wash but I am happier with it. Need to push the flesh a little more but good otherwise. I shall be using this scheme on the new Peninsular Brits which I will be backing shorlty.

What else do I paint I here you all cry? Here is a selection of my personal work for my various armies:

Repulican Roman Velites in 15mm from War and Empire:

Polish 7tp Tanks in 20mm from Early War Miniatures:

And some Goblin Spear Chukkas from the Evil Empire:

I also dabble in some part time commission work. My latest batch is 28mm War of Spanish Succession Bavarians from Ebor Miniatures. I had been asked to paint four battalions (2 each of Leib Guard and Cologne Electoral Guard) and have completed three so far:

Anyway, I think that is enough for now - hopefully I haven't overwhwelmed you all too much. I am soon to be ordering some ACW from pendraken so hopefully I will have something to show soon in the 10mm scale. However, be prepared from a bit of everything before then.

All the best

Major General
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Thread Derailment Specialist

« Reply #1 on: 04 May 2020, 04:49:53 PM »

They are really lovely.

My aim in life was to P*ss off one person a day. I am so far ahead of schedule I will have to live to 97 even if I stop now.

The cynics are right nine times out of ten. -Mencken, H. L.
Lieutenant Colonel
Posts: 773

« Reply #2 on: 04 May 2020, 04:55:38 PM »

Good stuff - Well done
Steve J
Posts: 8658

« Reply #3 on: 04 May 2020, 05:54:00 PM »

Some excellent work there old chap Cool.

2017 Paint-Off - 2 x Winner!
Posts: 1615

« Reply #4 on: 04 May 2020, 05:56:34 PM »

Great stuff, keep sharing what you do, always good to see.

mad lemmey
Posts: 21722

« Reply #5 on: 04 May 2020, 08:16:20 PM »

 Cool Ace work! StarStarStarStarStar

Off to the Shed of Decency.

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Lieutenant General
Posts: 5382

« Reply #6 on: 04 May 2020, 08:18:29 PM »

Great stuff, and a nice coherent set of subjects and scales, NOT!

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Lieutenant Colonel
Posts: 904

« Reply #7 on: 04 May 2020, 08:56:10 PM »

Excellent work!
Field Marshal
Posts: 10148

« Reply #8 on: 05 May 2020, 02:32:17 AM »

 Thumbs up Applause Thumbs up Applause

Great work

...This was a little slower as I didn't cheat and use a wash but I am happier with it...
Using a wash is NOT cheating Wink

2018 Painting Competition - Runner-Up!
Lieutenant General
Posts: 7181

« Reply #9 on: 05 May 2020, 02:33:42 AM »

Those are stonking! Especially like the Polish tanks.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!
Posts: 331

« Reply #10 on: 05 May 2020, 04:15:07 AM »

Your 10mm test subject number 2 is looking great.

If you've got a hold of paint dropper bottles, I find blue tacking the minis on those efficient.
« Reply #11 on: 05 May 2020, 07:17:26 AM »

Those all look excellent !!  Thumbs up

Cheers - Phil Smiley
Posts: 8418

« Reply #12 on: 05 May 2020, 08:37:28 AM »

Seed worser !


Muppet of the year 2019, and 2020
pierre the shy
Posts: 1155

« Reply #13 on: 05 May 2020, 08:46:24 AM »

Very nice work David - those WSS flags look particularly impressive  Thumbs up

"welcome back to the fight....this time I know our side will win"
The Red Flame

Posts: 7

« Reply #14 on: 10 May 2020, 07:51:19 PM »

Cheers for all the kind words peeps.

Reently I managed to get 8 French line infantry finished up. Had these lying around for ages and painted them up to get them out the way. They may go on eBay to raise funds for the garage conversion.

No photos but currently on the desk are 21 of the Cologne Electoral Guard n 28mm and 24 Republican Romans in 15mm.
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