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Author Topic: Swedish Armoured Formation/ORBAT  (Read 809 times)
Big Insect
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« on: 29 January 2020, 05:22:26 PM »

Hi there

Just looking at re-configuring my long-standing 1980's Swedish army ready to play with it in CWC.

There's a fair bit of info on the web - even a full 1989 formation structure - but this doesn't go down to the level I need it to.
So my question is ...
What are the numbers of AFVs in Swedish armoured platoons/squadrons (MBTs and Mech Infantry) please?

Also, does anybody know when thee 4 tone 'splinter' camo was introduced, and if it was use on AFVs, in 1985 please? And if so where all unit/vehicles using it? I've not seen any 4x4s with it on, they mostly seem to be a standard green, like a lot of the trucks.

pierre the shy
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« Reply #1 on: 29 January 2020, 06:15:32 PM »

Hello Mark

I have a fair amount of stuff on Cold War Swedes but it might take a little while to find it. For a start here is a copy from a long defunct website that sets out the organisation in terms of The Operational Art of War 3, a PC wargame that allows one to build and play scenarios. It should give you an idea of numbers at least as the vehicle numbers are 1:1 scale.

Mid 80's sounds right for the 4 tone camo, but I don't have anything definitive on that sorry.

If you need more I can find some more for you.


TOE of Swedish Armoured Brigade in the 80s

By Pelle Holmén

This is a hypotetical OOB of the Swedish Armoured Brigade. Information for this article is taken different sources of Swedish Army literature. The Brigade TOE was organized as early as 1963 and was so successful that very little change to the TOE has been implemented since then.

The Swedish Armoured Bde (Pansarbrigad, PB) had the following (hypothetical) OOB:

HQ Company (Pbrigstabskomp)

Recon Company (Pskomp)

1.- 3 Mechanized Battalion (Pbat)

Armoured AT Company (Pbvpvkomp)

Artillery Battalion (Phaubbat)

Engineer Battalion (Pingbat)

AA Company (Plvkomp rb 70)

Supply company (Ptrpkomp)

I have used the AT+ team to simulate the amount of Carl-Gustav Recoilless in the support units. The Swedish denotation is marked inside the parenthesis.

The Swedish army had two different TOEs of the Armoured Brigades. PB 7, PB 8 and PB 26 had MBT Strv 103 and PB 9, PB (MekB10) 10 and PB 18 had MBT Strv 101.

TOE of the Armoured Bde in terms of TOAW equipment:

HQ Company (Pbrigstabkomp), hypothetical TOE:

    12 Military police squads

    12 Recon assault teams

    3 MC squads

    4 Carl-Gustav

    4 HMG

    2 Command groups

    4 rb 70

    4 20 mm AA

    10 Jeep

    30 Bv302

    20 Wheeled tractor

I Armoured Recon Company

    12 Recon assault teams

    2 AT+ teams

    2 MMG

    7 MC (2 MC squad)

    6 Pbv302 (could be represented w/ tracked 20 mm scout)

    12 Truck

    4 Truck AAMG

II Mechanized Battalion

    i) HQ Company and support

        3 Recon Assault teams

        4 MMG

        2 AT+ team (or 2 BILL)

        5 Pbv302

        5 Jeep

        5 Wheeled tractor

        1 Bgbv 82 (armoured engineer vehicle)

        1 Ferry/Engineer team

        8 MC (1 MC squad)

        8 Truck

    ii) 2 Infantry Companies each

        9 assault AT+ squad

        3 recon assault squad

        12 MMG (exclude them because of the HMG mounted on the Bv206)

        4 AT+ teams (or 4 BILL)

        4 90 mm Recoilless

        3 120 mm mortar

        9 Pbv302

        12 Bv206

        3 MC (1 MC squad)

        42 Truck

        5 Jeep

    iii) 2 Armoured Companies each

        12 MBT 101/103

        2 MMG

        3 AT+ teams

        3 Assault AT+ squad

        3 Pbv302

        4 MC

        3 Jeep

        12 Truck

III Bde supply Company

    2 MMG

    2 AT+ teams

    20 LAW (could be represented by 20 AT teams)

    3 Engineer squad

    3 Civ squad

    2 MC

    1 Jeep

    40 Truck

    20 Bv206

IV Armoured AT Company

    12 Pvrbv551

    4 MC squad

    4 Jeep

    3 engineer squad

    2 MMG

    3 AT+ team

    15 Truck

V Artillery battalion

    12 155 ER Gun

    27 Jeep

    12 AT- team (60 Anti-tank mines)

    3 Assault AT+ squad

    3 Recon Assault team

    3 MC squad

    21 MHG

    12 Tracked Earth mover

    114 Truck

    3 Bv206

VI AA Company

    16 Jeep

    3 Assault squad

    3 AT- team

    9 20 mm AA Gun

    9 rb 70

    5 MMG

    31 Truck

VII Engineer battalion

    12 Engineer squad

    8 AT+ teams

    4 MMG

    9 MC (3 MC squad)

    25 Jeep

    70 Truck

    21 Tracked earth movers

    6 Armoured Engineer vehicle

    8 Ferry/Bridge teams

    2 Amphibious ferry

    2 Tracked Bridge carrier

    3 Truck AAMG

The brigade level TOE of the Infantry Brigade in TOAW terms:

    72 MBT 101/103
    33 recon assault teams
    53 AT+ teams (or 26 BILL and 27 AT+ teams)
    9 MC squad
    6 tracked 20 mm scout
    57 Bv302
    4 truck AAMG
    23 Jeep
    9 Armoured engineer vehicle
    72 assault AT+ squads
    24 90 mm recoilless
    18120 mm mortar
    132 bv206
    12155 ER Gun
    12 Pvrb551
    15 engineer squads
    9 20 mm AA
    9 Rb70
    8 Ferry/Bridge teams
    2 amphibious ferry
    2 tracked bridge carriers


    trucks (Add until the right amount of movement points are achieved.)

Note: I have not included all rear area equipment in this brigade level TOE. This is because they are not supposed to be in the frontline and will not add to the power of the brigade at this level.

This article was updated on 23 of July 2002.

If you want to down load a printer friendly version of this article click here.


Arméhandbok del 1-Organisation


AH 1:Förd


(in Swedish)


Pansartruppreglemente –Pansarbataljon


(in Swedish)

PR Pskförb

Pansartruppreglemente –Pansarskytteförband


(in Swedish)

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"welcome back to the fight....this time I know our side will win"
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« Reply #2 on: 29 January 2020, 08:04:58 PM »

Gosh, terrific information. Thanks Pierre!
Posts: 566

« Reply #3 on: 29 January 2020, 11:20:26 PM »

Tank Companies are:
CHQ: 1x tank
4 platoons@ 3x tanks
1 platoon: 3x Pbv-302, 3 infantry squads, 2 LMG, 3x 84mm S550

Mech Companies are: CHQ: 1x Pbv-302, 1x Stripbv-302, 1 Jeep, 1 LMG
3 platoons@ 3x Pbv-302, 3 squads, 2 LMG, 3x 84mm S550
1 platoon: 4x Jeep/90mm PV1110

Tank Destroyer Companies of the Norrland Brigades are different with: CHQ: 1x Strippbv-302 or BV-206
3 platoons@ 4x Ikv-91
1 platoon3x Pbv-302 or Bv-206, 3 infantry squads, 2 LMG, 3x 84mm S550

pierre the shy
Posts: 1107

« Reply #4 on: 30 January 2020, 12:36:46 AM »

Gosh, terrific information. Thanks Pierre!

Glad its of use..l have played 6mm modern spearhead for around 20 years on and off so have "a few brigades" of both nato and warpac stuff ☺

"welcome back to the fight....this time I know our side will win"
Big Insect
Posts: 693

« Reply #5 on: 30 January 2020, 10:17:45 AM »

Really helpful all ... thank you

I'll do some CWC conversions but interesting that we are looking at 4 platoons in the Tank Companies.

Much appreciated

pierre the shy
Posts: 1107

« Reply #6 on: 31 January 2020, 08:43:27 PM »

One more link that I tracked down on wayback machine covering the Swedish Army organisations in 1989.

You can click into the underlined batalion/brigade types to go into a detailed breakdown of each unit type, some are in Swedish but if you scroll to the bottom of the unit type page there is usually a summary of what the unit is equipped with.  Nerd


"welcome back to the fight....this time I know our side will win"
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