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Author Topic: Deployment Formations & Deployment  (Read 395 times)
AJ at the Bank
Posts: 257

« on: 30 June 2019, 06:27:06 PM »

2 questions on Deployment formations per p58 please -

(1) "Each formation must include a Command Unit...".
Are Command units here only HQs and the CO please? Or do Snipers, FAOs and FACs count as being on their own in their own individual formations please (I.e. not part of an HQ or CO formation)?

(2) How does it work with Mobile Deployment please - (a) The rule at the bottom of p58 on Mobile Deployment - where FAOs and FACs are placed along the table edge, then may move at the end of the Command Phase please...or (b) the Sniper rule on p79 please?

This had us scratching our heads.
Is this right for Mobile Deployment please ?-

(1) Assign all on-table units to a formation
(2) Place all Command units (CO, HQs, Snipers, FAOs and FACs) anywhere along your table baseline (taking placement in turns if applicable)
(3) Scheduled Phase - Resolve Scheduled Support
(4) Initiative Phase - Deploy Sniper units onto the table - They do not need a Command roll to do so - they just move on 
(3) Command Phase - Choose whether to roll Command Order for each CO and HQ Command units - to see if successfully order units in their formations onto the table
(4) If successful roll made  - the formation may make one full move onto the table. In unsuccessful, Command Unit stays in place at table edge
(5) End of Command Phase -
    (a) Move FAOs & FACs onto the table (no command role needed - they just move on - they are not part of another Command unit's formation)
    (b) Move HQs and COs who were successfully deployed onto the table

Many thanks


In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.
Big Insect
Posts: 686

« Reply #1 on: 30 June 2019, 09:43:30 PM »

1). You can only have a Sniper or an FAO or an FAC in a formation and no HQ.
But I fail to see how you'd order the rest of your units Adam? You need a CO or an HQ to do that.
As previously stated Snipers are 'nominal' Command units. They cannot order any units.
FAOs and FACs are Command units but can only 'order' off-table assets.

2). Either ... it depends which scenario you are playing. It's your choice. If your game requires your Sniper to come on with the rest of the units, then it's the mobile deployment rule, or if you agree they are deployed ahead of the Battle Group then page 79 works fine.


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