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Author Topic: British CS tanks AP and AT attacks  (Read 377 times)
Dr Dave
« on: 16 June 2019, 12:49:48 PM »


We were trying to use the stats yesterday and all got very confused with regards to the CS tanks attacks.

In France the AP and AT attacks are:
A9   3.7"       2/40      0/40        (should this be blank?)
A10 3.7"       1/40       0/40       (should this be blank?)
[the Matilda II CS is missing]

In Africa the AP and AT attacks are:
A9   3.7"       2/40       0/40         (should this be blank?)
A10 3.7"       3/80       1/40         (hence can't ever use suppressive fire?)
Crusader  3"  2/80      1/40         (hence can't ever use suppressive fire?)
Matilda II 3"  2/80     - (blank)
Churchill  3"  2/80     - (blank)

Clearly, there are some errors here.

Wouldn't it be simpler to make them all
AP: 2/80    AT:   -

The 3" had a maximum effective range of > 1800 m, so pretty much the full los on most tables. The 3.7" had a longer range still. Due to the real lack of HE ammo carried (about 4 out of 60 rounds) perhaps they should just be "3 Smk / 80 ?
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AJ at the Bank
Posts: 257

« Reply #1 on: 16 June 2019, 06:00:59 PM »

Hi Dr

At the risk of only trying to help part of the question.

If 0/40 is right -

Would mean that AT is capable at v short range .E.g. 20cm or under.
At this range you get the +1d6 to hit modifier ..for half range ...and could get another +1d6 if firing to the flank/rear.

This does seem at odds with the Note in the army list though.
Is that the issue (or part thereof)?


In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.
Big Insect
Posts: 686

« Reply #2 on: 16 June 2019, 10:46:33 PM »

At the risk of repeating myself ....

AT 0-40 is to represent firing Smoke.
We have had this debate on a separate thread, in great detail and length (no there is no +1 d6 for under half-range either - because Smoke is being shot not AT rounds).
Smoke rounds had a lower range than HE.

The A9 and A10's in France had no AT shells (only Smoke) and a very low number of HE shells - so the bulk of the AP is in fact multiple MGs which is reflected by the range - these are primarily Infantry Support tanks and do so with their multiple MGs.

Regarding North Africa - the A10 3.7" & the Crusader 3" did have some AT shells - and so does get the 1/40* and therefore does get the +1 d;6 for half range and the under, plus the under 20cm +1 d:6 for MGs. *They can also fire Smoke at the AT range.

Dr Dave
« Reply #3 on: 17 June 2019, 10:45:18 AM »


Apologies - I did try a search for "smoke" and "smk" in the threads but neither appear - which is odd! I'm now keeping a list of the errata.

Your help and patience is much appreciated.  Smiley
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Big Insect
Posts: 686

« Reply #4 on: 17 June 2019, 01:58:19 PM »

No problem Dave
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