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Author Topic: 30YW battle : Rocroi 1643  (Read 221 times)
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« Reply #15 on: Yesterday at 11:51:53 AM »

Thanks a lot  everybody Embarrassed

Tercios system of basing allows creating dioramas so I took this opportunity !

@Leman : Kingdoms is more an extention army book for tercios, there are few more special rules, more capacities for generals and it is indispensable to get wonderful Oriental armies lists such as Polish, Russian, Turkish etc ...
Thanks very much for the information, Raph. I have tracked down both books on the Caliver site. I like the idea of the downloadable introductory game, very much in the style of Lorenzo Sartori’s original Basic Impetus, and Sam Mustafa’s Maurice and Longstreet introductory games, all of which inspired me to go for the full hit (and many, many enjoyable games).

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« Reply #16 on: Yesterday at 05:56:06 PM »

I prefer your version

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« Reply #17 on: Yesterday at 08:23:56 PM »


Your painting and basing skills are phenomenal.  Taking your inspiration from the painitngs you have recreated them in miniature. One question, if I may? You may know I am co-author of an ECW set of rules called ‘For King and Parliament’, and am currently researching how it might be modified to cover the Thirty Years War. Now I had assumed (dangerous, eh!?) that, apart from the addition of Croats, we had pretty well all unit types covered for the period 1634-1648. But I notice that your Spanish Army contains tercios in the traditional form of a central block of pike, with four smaller blocks of musketeers on the corners. I had thought this formation went out of use at the end of the 16th century, or at the latest early 17th century. Do the Tercio rules comment on this, or does anyone else have any information to help?  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.

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« Reply #18 on: Yesterday at 09:35:19 PM »

Thanks !

@Mollinary : this Tercios formation is named "Cuadro De Gente", blocs of musqueteers and arquebusiers are called "Manchas", it has been invented by the spanish and was officially used until the early 17th century, after that spanish had the reformed organisation with more pikemen and looked like french formations. In the rules "Tercios" there are 3 formations : one for old regiments ("Cuadro De Gente"), one for reformed ones (like my french regiments) and one for sweeden that were the first to use "modern" formations, without periods of use ("Tercios" is a very simplified rule -and thats why we love it-).

My choise for having represented Tercios in old "Cuadro De Gente" formation is that visually we can't confuse them : we have spanish Tercios, This spanish army of the flanders is made to fight though all periods of the 30YW so formations are no specific to Rocroi. Furthermore, as you certainly have noted if you made historicaly researchs that our knowledge of the period and specially of the spanish is extremly limited, we have no reliable writings as Rocroi was use for french propaganda and almost no archeological sources, for example even for the flags we know only a little dozen of them but we can only suppose to which unit they belonged without any certitude. The only way to know until when Tercios used  "Cuadro De Gente" are paintings but they were made 50 or 80 years after the battle and contemporary painters did not respected history : they were not ashamed to paint King Louis XIV with roman tunic or Rocroi's musqueteers with 1750 uniforms so there is probably a big gap under what we think we know and the reality ...

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