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Author Topic: Errata  (Read 5154 times)
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« on: 19 February 2015, 11:07:07 PM »

Inevitably, an errata thread.  

We proof-read and proof-read, and still the gaffes crept through.   Angry

p9 MORALE (MR) should be MORALE (MO).

p10 Formed
Clarification: Formed units turn to face in the melee phase after spells but before the melee resolution begins (between 5.2 and 5.3 in the turn sequence).  This special move should be the minimum necessary (and possible) to achieve the 'full edge and corner' contact specified by the formed special rule conditions.  
Comment: Given the many different possible situations and alignments that may prompt this move, and the difficulty in anticipating and ruling on those, its worth considering that this is intended to remove the flank advantage from the attacking unit, not create a new advantage for the formed unit.

p11  Shieldwall
Wording was missed off.  The bullet point should read: 'Gains +1d6 Protection if it did not make a motivated move: basic, restricted, or charge move, impetuous melee charge move this turn...'
Therefore, outcome moves (such as a pursuit move), and special moves (a formed unit turning to face flank) do not stop the shieldwall special ability taking effect.

p22  Melee charge
Second pargraph, after third sentence, insert: 'A charging unit that makes this move after initial contact cannot break contact with the first enemy unit edge and/or corner that it contacted'.

p45  Goblins & Orcs army list options, 4th bullet point should read: 'Any bolt shooters unit may have slow shot for -5pts'.
p45  Goblins & Orcs army list options, last bullet point: remove 'wolf chariots'.

p52  Samurai apes options: in all cases the Resolute option costs +5pts.

p56  Undead Vampire Lord (exceptional) should cost 138pts, not 148pts.
p57  Undead spells, Summon the Fresh Dead spell, 1st sentence should read: 'All friendly units within 4BW of the liche or necromancer unit gain Protection +1d6 and the regenerate special ability this turn; or...etc.'

The wording for table edges for routing was missed off.  It applies, for clarity, to the Ambush, Attack the camp, and Through the fog scenarios.

Under Army Deployment in each scenario, add; 'The player that deploys his army first, chooses a long table edge as his table edge.  The opposing player takes the opposite table edge.  Units from each army rout towards this table edge.'

Lizardmen - New unit

Not so much an errata, as a new unit following the release of the excellent new Lizard man sculpts.

Raptor Rider Cavalry

Optional unit

MELEE: 2d6
Points: 32pts

Options: Any Raptor Rider Cavalry unit may have fierce for +5pts, powerful for +5pts; and either forest walkers, water walkers, or skirmish for +5pts.

Raptor rider cavalry take to battle riding the lithe, tough-skinned, aggressive and often brightly coloured running raptor beasts.  The riders arm themselves with spears and shields, and fight at the gallop.  Many deploy as outriders, scouts and skirmishers, making these troops highly flexible and adaptable warriors.

Night Elves - New unit

A new unit following the release of the excellent new "Dark Elf Raptor Rider" sculpts.

War Raiders

Optional unit

MELEE: 2d6
Special ability: Skirmish
Points: 34pts

Options: Any War Raider unit may have fierce for +5pts and swift for +5pts.

Night Elf War Raiders take to battle riding the lithe, aggressive, and often very fast moving cave raptor lizard beasts.  The night elf riders are armed with spears or swords and prefer to harry the flanks of an enemy army, attacking in support of a friendly attack, or driving off the opponent's skirmishers.  Their main role is to find and raid poorly defended settlements in search of plunder and slaves, so on the battlefield they prefer to do something similar, picking off weak enemy, scattering routed foes and so on.
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