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22 September 2020, 09:34:37 AM

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 on: Today at 09:04:31 AM 
Started by Dunnadd - Last post by mmcv
Some of the older dark age/medieval stuff is certainly not as nice as more recent bits. I have a few from the Early Medieval, Norman, and Arab ranges in my Crusades armies and they're definitely not as detailed and dynamic as other ranges, as well as being a bit smaller and more dainty looking proportions. But that's been the exception in my experience with Pendraken models, especially when looking at newer ranges.

The TB Line models are very nice, and I believe Leon put a lot of work cleaning them up and I'm looking forward to the Islamics coming out. There is a couple of mm size differences in them though as mentioned before.

The Pendraken Late Medieval range looks a lot nicer than the earlier ones, I'm guessing it has some more recent sculpts in it, and they do come out quite nicely. They stand up well against other 10mm medieval manufacturers in my experience.

There are many other ranges that I've had figures from that are very detailed and well done, better than anything else I've seen at 10mm (or even some 15mm). The LoA range springs to mind, as well as the Aztecs, though there's plenty more.

I'm surprised at your assessment of the figures as I'd always seen Pendraken as taking the time to get the quality right. I recall a few cases where figures have gone back to the scuptor because something wasn't quite right when they were previewed, as well as ensuring to have the same sculpter cover similar ranges for compatibility where possible.

Are there any "true 10mm" figures that you've been particularly impressed with as opposed to the ones creeping up towards 12mm?

Having an extra couple of mm to work with does probably allow the sculpter to put in a fair bit more detail, but then there's the compatibility issues with other 10mm figures and some of the ranges have done a superb job at getting details into such a small space.

 on: Today at 08:30:16 AM 
Started by FierceKitty - Last post by mmcv
The world's turned upside down. There's been a lot of madness of late, but this really takes the biscuit. Our great General Lee has lost her touch and Alexander is emulating his Great forebearer. I just don't know anymore....  Shocked

Well done.

 on: Today at 08:26:13 AM 
Started by OldenBUA - Last post by fsn
How about "Where's Techno"?

I just hope he's regenerating. I heard about that from a famous Doctor Who said it was quite natural.

Whatever he's up to, I hope it works.

 on: Today at 07:42:38 AM 
Started by Jerboa - Last post by fsn
Get thee behind me Jerboa!

I don't need an excuse to buy more tanks.

I have enough.

More than enough.

But I don't have any Grants.

Or mid war Pz IIIs.

 on: Today at 07:39:07 AM 
Started by Leon - Last post by FierceKitty
Happy happy to you!

 on: Today at 07:29:22 AM 
Started by Leon - Last post by ianrs54
How;s the picture in the attic Leon ?

 on: Today at 07:28:39 AM 
Started by Jerboa - Last post by ianrs54
Looking good

 on: Today at 07:21:45 AM 
Started by FierceKitty - Last post by FierceKitty
Lee demands a rematch today....

...which was unwise of her. First time in years I've won a battle without taking a single casualty!

 on: Today at 06:41:18 AM 
Started by OldenBUA - Last post by OldenBUA
Might be an idea for Leon to change the title, if he can easily...

Yes please. Don't want to worry everyone needlessly.

 on: Today at 04:19:39 AM 
Started by FierceKitty - Last post by FierceKitty
Lee demands a rematch today....

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