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28 July 2017, 01:48:10 AM

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We've released some excellent Shell Craters for your 20th C games!
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 on: Today at 12:56:34 AM 
Started by urbancohort - Last post by paulr
Thanks for the reminder Urbancohort

 on: Today at 12:46:34 AM 
Started by Leon - Last post by paulr
Happy Birthday Pendraken Party! Party! Party! Party! Party!

 on: Today at 12:46:07 AM 
Started by goat major - Last post by kipt
Finished the "Gettysburg Magazine", July 2017, issue 57.

It has articles on Rodes failed night attack on Cemetery Hill on July 1, the defense of Blocher's Knoll, the emergence of the Federal Cavalry, the organizational changes to the army of the Potomac prior to Gettysburg and others.

Always interesting and published twice a year.

 on: Today at 12:28:12 AM 
Started by Leon - Last post by Leon

Welcome to the Pendraken Miniatures newsletter!

First off, welcome to the July newsletter!  It's been a while since our last one and there's been a lot happening at Pendraken HQ recently, so we won't waste any time and get right into it!

We've purchased TB Line!

Our big news is that we've recently purchased the rights to all of the TB Line 10mm ranges!  The moulds are here at Pendraken HQ and we'll be starting to check them over in the next few weeks.  There's likely to be a lot of questions, so head over to the Forum for the full Announcement!

New Website!

As many of you will already have noticed, we launched a new website a couple of months back as the old one was getting a bit creaky.  We've spent a lot of time tweaking the new one and ironing out a few bugs but we're pretty much there with it now.  The new site has a lot of extra features, including a Show Pickup option, Guest Checkout feature, bigger images, more information about our ranges and lots more.  If you've not seen it yet, go and have a look!  One important note, we weren't able to bring over the accounts from the old site, so you'll need to register a new account for the new site.

Blitzkrieg Commander III

We're continuing to work on the revisions to BKC-III and we're aiming to have it all done soon.  The majority of the army lists have been done, so we'll get those finished off in the next week or two and then we can work through the revisions to the rules themselves.  We know a lot of people are waiting on this but we want to get it done right.

Latest Releases!

There's been lots of new goodies hitting the website, including:

> Napoleonic flags - We added new flagsheets for the Austrians, British, French, Prussians and Russians.
> ACW Buildings - These are fantastic models and look great painted up.

> WWII - We've got another 27 new models for the WWII gamers, with a mix of new items and revamps.
> Markers & Haystacks - Ironclad have done us some handy artillery markers and a set of haystacks as well.
> Epsilon - Another batch of releases arrived from Escenografia Epsilon.

In The Pipeline!

As well as the new releases we've also had a load more sculpts arrived here at Pendraken HQ!

One of our main ranges for this year is the Korean War and we've had the first two batches through, including the North & South Koreans and also the Early US troops

Our other big job is the upcoming Risorgimento Italians and we've had the last batch of these arrive as well.  The only items missing from this range are the artillery pieces and we're hoping to have these soon.

Martin has been busy working on the vehicles and a large box of Post-War/Modern vehicles arrived with us last week.  There was also a French staff car from one of our other vehicle guys as well.

Elsewhere, we've had ECW crews and Marlburian dragoons, ECW Scots crews and WWII Late Brits arriving, plus some new 1860 Austrian revamps!

The releases schedule has been heavily delayed while we're working on BKC-III but as soon as that job is complete we'll be working overtime to catch up on the backlog.


The shows have calmed down for the summer break but it all kicks off again in a little over a week's time as we head up to Edinburgh for the excellent Claymore show on Sat 5th August.  There's a little time to get your pre-orders in for this one, but we'll need them sending through by midnight on Friday 28th please.  You can now order through the website, choosing the Collect at Show option from the dropdown list.

After Claymore we'll have a few more weeks off before we hit Border Reiver on the first weekend of September.

Minibits Corner!

Things have been equally busy on the Minibits side of things, with our big release being some 28mm Fantasy/Medieval buildings for anyone playing Mordheim, Frostgrave or similar.  These are excellent models and more info on them can be found here.

And we've also had some new buildings through from Escenografia Epsilon so check those out here!

Website Photos!

This is an area we're wanting to really improve with the new website and we've started pretty well!  There's now new images up for:

> Ancient Gauls and Romans - Courtesy of Matt Jones!
> SYW Brits and Prussians - Courtesy of Kev Rouse!
> WWII British vehicles - Courtesy of J.A.D Designs!

Top 10 Requests!

We've gone through and updated all of the requests lists so it was time for a brand new Top 10 Requests list!  Head over and have a look to see how your suggestions have fared.

Great Wargaming Survey!

Wargames, Soldier & Strategy are once again holding their annual Great Wargaming Survey to see what's going on with the hobby today.  Make sure to head over and give it a go, as the more information they get the easier it'll be to see the trends and work out what all the cool kids will be playing over the coming 12 months!  The survey can be found on the WSS page here.

And Finally!

We've not made much of a big deal about this as our priority is getting BKC-III all finished up, but we celebrated our 25th birthday this month.  So, Happy Birthday to us!

And that's everything, we've got a lot of work to do so we'll leave you there!  Enjoy your summer and we'll see you online!

 on: Today at 12:23:58 AM 
Started by bigjackmac - Last post by mad lemmey
So, not quite Assault on Precinct 1.3 then?

 on: Today at 12:15:38 AM 
Started by madaxeman - Last post by mad lemmey
Top reports, bottom shots!  Shocked Sick It wasn't me!

 on: Yesterday at 11:54:02 PM 
Started by shireman - Last post by GrumpyOldMan
Hello Shireman

Thanks for that tip. I think I will go with that.

I'd also go with ITLSU but I'd  also look at grafting bits of another TFL game, Triumph of the Will, onto it. TotW is very old, one of their first games, and so is dated  but it was written for the period and does have lots of good ideas spread through it.



 on: Yesterday at 11:24:19 PM 
Started by bigjackmac - Last post by bigjackmac

AKA, Ambush Alley in South Leon #3

It is now 0230 on 5 July 1990; two days ago militia members of the Free Leon Army (FLA, the bad guys) ambushed a South Leon National Police (SNLP) patrol.  Task Force Razor, a Cuban paratrooper company led by Captain Soares and his trusty sidekick, Lt Hinajosa, moved out smartly, rescuing the SNLP officers, but at a cost of 1 KIA and 4 WIA to themselves.  Everyone on the Cuban Liberation Expeditionary Force (CLEF) and South Leon government side were shocked; the FLA insurgency had been but a rumor of war for years, with various low-level bombings, assassinations, and sniper fire, but nothing anywhere near the size and ferocity of the attacks on 2 July. And now it was happening again...

Yesterday the FLA attacked an SNLP police station, then ambushed the SLA Quick Reaction Force (QRF) sent to aid them.  Task Force Razor was called in to support; Captain Soares and his men were able to save the SNLP and QRF, then return to base, though it cost them: one paratrooper was killed and another seriously wounded.  But not long after Task Force Razor returned to base, they received word the few remaining SNLP officers and SLA soldiers had abandoned the police station.  Task Force Razor immediately mounted up, humped to the police station, and occupied it.

But it's 0230 in the morning now, and apparently the FLA is about to make its second assault on the SNLP police station.

Overview, somewhere in Diwala, north is up.  Nothing fancy, just a 2' x 2' surface with plenty of buildings and walls.  The police station, containing all of Task Force Razor, is at center, with bad guys all around.  There are three insurgent groups in the west (left), and three in the east (right).  The mission is simple: hold the police station (already being referred to as "The Alamo") for six turns, or, if you think you can't do that, evacuate your forces off the north edge of the table (top center), though you can't leave until after Turn 3.

 I'm playing this out in 15mm using the old school "Ambush Alley" rules, as written.  The is the first scenario out of the book, "Contracting Trouble," a classic of modern wargaming.  My intent is to play out all five scenarios in the book in a row, to learn the rules, put them through their paces, and see if I dig'em.

Razor 01 looks on as a suspicious vehicle (red pickup truck) approaches the police station.  We've finally got some Fog of War cards in action; is this friend or foe?  Head on over to the blog to find out:

Major Fulgencio visited the company, and informing the paratroopers they were about to go on the offensive, looking to sweep the Mulan District of Diwala, a particularly troublesome neighborhood.  "I'm not going to lie boys, I expect the fighting to be pretty intense, so get your gear ready and get your minds right."

And with that, Captain Soares sat down with his command group and began planning the assault.


 on: Yesterday at 10:28:55 PM 
Started by Leon - Last post by Leon
Any other additions/changes planned for the ECW range?

Nothing at the moment, it would be good to update the dismounted dragoons and peasants at some point but they're OK for now.

 on: Yesterday at 10:09:56 PM 
Started by madaxeman - Last post by Raider4
Entertaining as always!

Well, the reports were. The games seemed . . . less so.

Stand in a line and lurch forward slowly? Actually, probably a fair representation of medieval warfare? So, 'yay' to realism!

Could have done without the 'crack of doom' shots . . .

Cheers, Martyn

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