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Title: June Releases!
Post by: Leon on 01 June 2012, 02:08:37 AM
This month we've got a bunch of new vehicles ready to roll, as we expand our Vietnam selection, along with a couple of other additions to the WWII Brits and Americans.  Some lucky folk already managed to get their hands on these at the recent Triples show, but now they're available for general sale on the website!

BR166   Armoured Ambulance, UC    £2.05

A59   M12 GMC 155mm gun      £2.70

VV5   M48A3 Patton         £3.00
VV6   M132 Zippo         £2.40
VV7   M125 Mortar Carrier (81mm)    £2.40
VV8   PT76            £2.40


We hope you like them!

A quick note on other releases, I know we've been promising a lot of new stuff recently (Sci-Fi, ACW, Austrian Naps, etc.!) but we will be getting to all of it as soon as possible.  The current plan is to get the Sci-Fi sorted over this Bank Holiday weekend, and then get the last couple of moulds done.  After that, we'll be throwing ourselves into the ACW range, so that we can get all the foot and cavalry released in one go.  After all that, we'll hopefully still be in time to get the Falkland's range ready for the Birthday Bash!


Title: Re: June Releases!
Post by: AndyT on 01 June 2012, 06:48:48 AM
The new models are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the sci-fi range revamp.

Cheers, Andy

Title: Re: June Releases!
Post by: nikharwood on 01 June 2012, 08:25:16 AM
Lovely stuff - looks like it's going to be a summer bonanza  <:-P

Title: Re: June Releases!
Post by: Hertsblue on 01 June 2012, 08:48:18 AM
Excellent little models. I think we've seen the M48 amd PT76 in a previous thread, but the M12 is awesome. The M113 variants will be very useful, and not just for Vietnam.  :-bd

Title: Re: June Releases!
Post by: OldenBUA on 01 June 2012, 11:26:58 AM
Hmm, that M12 will make a nice plunking sound when I drop it in the basket. Now what else do I need want add to the pile?

Title: Re: June Releases!
Post by: jchaos79 on 02 June 2012, 10:47:36 AM
great for new viet nam vehicles!