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Title: 09/11/11 - The Olivant
Post by: Leon on 09 November 2011, 02:45:35 AM

The Olivant

Hull, UK

Do you have a pic?


Current occupation:

What’s the best job you've ever had?
Royal Navy

What would your ideal occupation be?
Own my own business


How did you get involved in wargaming?
Back in 1982 me and a friend heard about a shop in Nottingham called Tabletop Games so we jumped on the train and went.

What was your first figure?
Tabletop Miniatures Redemption Rifleman (I still have the armies).

Do you have a favourite period/genre?
20th Century - The mix of man and machinery.

How big is your figure collection?
Beyond what is needed or necessary, about 20+ large armies. I got rid of about 20+ armies over the past few years, the attic was starting to bow.

And how big is your unpainted lead mountain?
I have addressed this over the past year and im now down to about six full armies.

Do you have a favourite model in your collection? And do you have a pic?
I do have a new favourite figure and it just happens to be one of yours:

What is the most important aspect of wargaming for you?
Without doubt it’s a tossup between Fun and Tactics.


What project are you currently working on?
10mm Pendraken Normans to fight my 10mm Saxons and 15mm ECW.

And do you have any long-term projects on the go?
WWWII 10mm

Do you have any wargaming influences?
Tony Barr of East Riding Miniatures got me back into it about 12 years back and for that I am extremely grateful.


Do you buy scenery, or scratch build it?
I buy alot of my scenics, but when I have the time and resources I scratch build too.

Which figure range is at the top of your request list?
Pendraken for 80% of my 10mm needs. Essex and Museum for 15mm. But I do mix and match quite abit.

Which individual item is at the top of your request list?
Currently Wings of War 1:144, I put a question into the WofW forum only today about mixing WofW with a 10mm WW1 ground action.

Which wargaming websites do you visit regularly?
Pendraken, TMP, WofW Aerodrome, Essex, TMP, ebay, Museum, etc

If someone handed you £100 right now, what would you buy?
Pendraken WW1 Germans, British and French Armies.

What has been your biggest one-off purchase?
Pendraken WW2 collection


How many hours a week do you paint?
4-6 hours every week.

What kind of technique do you use?
Undercoat, block paint, wash and dry brush.

Do you have a preferred brand of paint?
Coat d Arms – excellent pigment, don’t dry up for years and lovely coverage.

Do you have a painting area?  And do you have a pic?
Yes I paint in the attic:

Have you had any painting/modelling disasters?
Yes I once finished a full DBM Roman army, sprayed it with matt varnish and it all went so yellow I had to strip the lot with brake fluid and start again.

Do you have any painting/modelling top tips?
Yes – Undercoat black. When painting use the black undercoat as shadow. Often its as important what you don’t paint as what you do.


How often do you get to game?
I try to get a game 1-2 time per month. Sometime I get more, sometimes less.

Do you belong to a local club?
Yes – I have been a member of both clubs in Hull, currently NHWC (

Do you have a funny wargaming story?
I once turned up for a game with what I thought were my figures and it turned out to be a boxfile full of documents. My wife found my figures when she grabbed what she thought were her files and the box made a funny rumble, crunch sound as the entire content flew to one end. Oh how we laughed...!?

And have you had any wargaming disasters?
I had a game one evening a few years back and we got very drunk, me so much so that I fell on the table and up ended it as I slid down into the sitting position covered in terrain and figures. Luckily ??? they were both my armies.

Do you prefer short games or long campaigns?
I prefer games of about 2-3 hours, given relevance by a campaign.

Do you have a wargames room?
I usually game in my garage, its really just a garage at the moment. Early next year it is getting bricked up and converted into a den for me and my son.

How do you store your figures?
Boxfiles in the attic out of the damp. Damp destroys water based paint work.


What are you reading at the moment?
I have just started ‘World War Z’ – A zombie novel highly recommended by Simon Pegg. I also have on the go a Flashman, an Andy McNab, second omnibus of Gotrek and Felix and Rework (change the way you work forever), oh yes and ‘Victory without Quarter’ rules.

Do you have a favourite book?
Flashman – the first book, got me hooked on George MacDonald Fraser.

Do you buy any wargaming magazines, and if so, which ones?
I tend to buy one a month but never stick to a single publisher as I don’t have a current favourite. It used to be Wargames Illustrated..


What are your 3 favourite films?
Withnail And I, Cinema Paradiso and The Big Lebowski.

And your 3 worst?
I dont have three worst, I turn it off if im not into it.

What are your all-time Top 3 TV shows?
Sharpe, Father Ted and The Mighty Boosh

And right now?
Live at the Apollo


Who is your favourite band?

And favourite album?
Legend – Bob Marley

And your 3 favourite songs?
’LL Cool J – Funkadellic Relic’, ‘Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit’ and ‘Lightning Seeds – 3 Lions'


What other hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy?
Running, Music, Reading, Ukulele, Socialising

What do you drive?
Car and Cycle

Are you a breast or thigh person...  ;)
I like big Ass !

And who are your Top 3 Totty?
My wife, Mary Carey and Jenna Jameson

Do you have a favourite quote?
Me to you, you to me...

If you could do anything, what would it be?
Get ‘****’ once a week. (Edited for decency!)


Title: Re: 09/11/11 - The Olivant
Post by: nikharwood on 21 November 2011, 10:22:13 PM
Right then - hands up who wants to see more of The Olivant's Weird WW2 stuff then? Surely it can't be just me... :)

Title: Re: 09/11/11 - The Olivant
Post by: sixsideddice on 23 November 2011, 02:19:46 PM
I do   :)

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Post by: mad lemmey on 23 November 2011, 02:21:13 PM
Yes please!

Title: Re: 09/11/11 - The Olivant
Post by: ianrs54 on 23 November 2011, 04:24:34 PM
Oh go on den  ;)


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Post by: lentulus on 23 November 2011, 06:54:27 PM
I swear I scroll down to post a witty comment and as soon as I get to the bottom I forget everything.  I have no idea why.

Title: Re: 09/11/11 - The Olivant
Post by: ianrs54 on 24 November 2011, 09:47:00 AM
Old Age
I swear I scroll down to post a witty comment and as soon as I get to the bottom I forget everything.  I have no idea why.


Title: Re: 09/11/11 - The Olivant
Post by: Hertsblue on 24 November 2011, 11:44:22 AM
I swear I scroll down to post a witty comment and as soon as I get to the bottom I forget everything.  I have no idea why.

I do the same thing just climbing our stairs.  :'(

Title: Re: 09/11/11 - The Olivant
Post by: Techno on 28 November 2011, 05:52:04 PM
Didn't know brake fluid would strip paint off....You live and learn.
(What were we talking about ?)

Cheers - Phil.