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Title: 6mm GHQ Modern British Infantry
Post by: bigjackmac on 07 August 2019, 02:15:52 AM

Not long ago I knocked out some 6mm Modern forces from Heroics and Ros (you can see here: for temperate climates, for use on my Cuba Libre blog.  Well, that is to say, the infantry were based for temperate, because the vehicles are not based at all, and them not being based is actually part of the plan.  See, by not being based, I can use them for both temperate and desert climates, but I still had a problem: no infantry for the desert.  Well, being that I'm looking to play some Desert Storm after I finish off my campaign in (the fictional) Cronistria, I figured I'd better knock some desert-based infantry out.  I went scurrying upstairs to see if I could find anything, and voila!  Seems my massive sale had cleared out enough stuff that I can actually see what I've got lying around, waiting to be painted.

So, what did I find?  I found several packs of Modern UK Infantry, made by GHQ.  Being that using the same style of infantry in 6mm (and sometimes even in 10mm) for each side has never bothered me, I immediately set to cleaning, basing, sanding, priming, painting, then washing those troops, enough for each side to have 18 stands of infantry.  I can't really say who's good guys and who's bad guys, I just painted on two different uniforms, one completely desert colored, the other olive green with desert yellow helmets.

Here is the desert-colored force.  It is of note that I put a wash on the bases to make the sand pop, but I did not put a wash on the figures as I didn't want to darken them too much.  Here you can see four mortar stands, three ATGM (Milan) stands, four SAM (Blowpipe) stands, and seven rifle stands

And here are some rifle teams and Blowpipes from the olive green force.

To see a bunch more pics, please check the blog at:

So, quick and easy, the infantry for Desert Storm are knocked out and ready to fight.


Title: Re: 6mm GHQ Modern British Infantry
Post by: Techno on 07 August 2019, 06:52:47 AM
Looking damn fine, Jack !  :)

Cheers - Phil

Title: Re: 6mm GHQ Modern British Infantry
Post by: Noktu on 07 August 2019, 07:00:51 AM
These look great!


These would look so much better, if you'd take the time to add a bit of desert grass on the bases.

I always camouflage the "base" that is cast with the miniatures in grass. I do understand that it might not fit sith the desert theme you are after though.

Title: Re: 6mm GHQ Modern British Infantry
Post by: mad lemmey on 07 August 2019, 08:27:35 AM
Very cool Jack

Title: Re: 6mm GHQ Modern British Infantry
Post by: Big Insect on 07 August 2019, 10:49:40 AM
On desert grass ...

I was lucky enough to go out to Dubai last year on a work trip and we were taken out into the desert for the customary Bedouin feast etc.
This was towards the end of April, and I was stunned by the colour of the new growth from the clumps of camel grass - often in the lee of the crest of dunes or down in the hollows between dunes.

It was almost fluorescent bright green - looked like plastic fish-tank foliage to give a comparison.

Apparently it is like this for a month or so, then slowly changes to a darker green and finally dries to a light yellow brown.

It was a revelation

Title: Re: 6mm GHQ Modern British Infantry
Post by: bigjackmac on 07 August 2019, 02:33:07 PM
Thanks, everyone, I appreciate it, as well as the critique of the bases.

I am a little familiar with the desert, but Noktuís last sentence hits the mark: Iím aiming for open desert in the winter of Ď91-Ď92, no grass (minus the Iraqi counterattack aimed at the 1st Marine Division HQ -Forward-, which was dug into an oasis /ďnational forestĒ being saved by Captain Eddy Rayís LAR and CAS from two Cobras), maybe even early OIF, though, to be fair, most fights in OIF was in urban areas, and most urban areas are on a river, which creates some green.

So maybe when I get to OIF Iíll throw some grass on there, but Iíve got a long way to go to get there!