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Title: Staff Officers
Post by: Westmarcher on 06 October 2016, 04:23:55 PM
Mounted Staff officers (Napoleonic range).

I'm thinking wargamers will soon need more of these and manufacturers who already have these may shortly experience a run if the following links are anything to go by. Pendraken are already well placed with their ACW range (Staff Officers - ACW36). But specific Staff Officers will be needed for the Napoleonic period. What am I talking about? That innovative rules stable, Too Fat Lardies, will shortly be launching a new ACW rule set, Pickett's Charge, in which command & control will be facilitated by Staff Officer markers. What's this got to do with Napoleonics? Well. they also plan to release a Napoleonic version called General d'Armee. Given their success with their other (and numerous) rule sets, I'm sure these will also be successful.

So, there it is. Mounted Staff Officers. ( (

Reminder: Please also see previous support for ADC request (see,4901.0.html (,4901.0.html))

Title: Re: Staff Officers
Post by: Leman on 06 October 2016, 05:17:21 PM
Looks very interesting, and nice to see some of the basing mimics mine, so potential there. thanks for the heads up.

Title: Re: Staff Officers
Post by: Wessexman on 03 July 2017, 06:23:47 AM
Second this - I'm planning on using 10mm markers to go with 15mm troops, and your rivals are picking up orders!  ADCs + caissons for all would be welcome...

Title: Re: Staff Officers
Post by: Leon on 26 July 2017, 11:07:19 PM
Added to the request lists!