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Title: February 2016 Newsletter!
Post by: Leon on 20 February 2016, 11:53:31 PM

Welcome to the Pendraken Miniatures February newsletter!

This month's missive comes to you in a rather compact style!  With the impending price increase, January was our 2nd busiest month ever and we've been all hands to the pump getting the orders cast up and posted out, so not a huge amount of new goodies to announce just yet.  There's still a lot going on, so let's get started...

Pendraken Painting Competition!

The 2016 competition is in full swing and we've seen some outstanding entries posted already.  There's just over a week left before the deadline, so make sure to get your entries photo'd and entered by midnight on Monday 29th!  With over 350 worth of prizes on offer, as well as the participation prize, it's certainly worth a go!  

For all of the entries and info on the competition, head over to the 2016 Painting Competition (,108.0.html) board.


Latest Releases!

Sadly, we've not had time to get any new releases ready since our last newsletter, but relief is just around the corner!  The new Warband Lizardmen have all been production moulded and will be released within the next week, just as soon as we've got the photos taken for the website.

We've also been inundated with pre-orders for the new League of Augsburg releases, so for everyone eagerly awaiting those we've got good news!  The final production mould was completed this weekend and we'll be starting the casting on Monday.  We've got quite a pile to work through, but we should have the first batch ready to ship out on Tuesday.

Away from those two, we've also started on the new WWII French production moulds, so they should be making an appearance towards the end of the month.  And those pesky Romans and Gauls are still hanging around awaiting one or two final moulds!

In The Pipeline!

Whilst the releases have been a bit thin on the ground, the amount of new models and sculpts arriving at Pendraken HQ never relents!  This month we've seen all of Martin's new 'M' tanks (,13632.0.html) covering everything from the M26 unto the M551.  These have gone away for master moulding and should be back soon.  We're hoping to have them ready for release before Salute.


Heading back in time by a couple of decades, we've also got some more revamped WWII vehicles (,13631.0.html) on the way.  This lot will be added to the new Tiger, Panther and Shermans we're working on and we'll let people know when they're available.

And finally, hot on the tails of last month's new wooden bridge, John at Ironclad has made us some excellent Stone Walls (,13623.0.html).  Our stock of these is currently in transit, so we should be able to release these in the next few days.


And finally for the Napoleonic fans, the first batch of new Brunswicker sculpts arrived at Pendraken HQ on Friday, so we'll get some pictures taken of these and post them up asap.


March sees the Pendraken heading out to three shows in three weekends, so make sure to get your pre-orders sent to us in time.  First up we've got the excellent Hammerhead ( show in Newark, taking place on Saturday 5th.  The following weekend we're heading over to the Midlands for the WMMS ( show on Sunday 13th.  And finally we hit the two-day event that is Triples (, taking place over the 19th & 20th in Sheffield.  As always, we need the pre-orders sending through at least 7 days in advance, so don't leave it too late!

And that's everything for this month, as we said, short and sweet!  Make sure to get your Painting Comp entries posted up before the deadline, send through your pre-orders for the coming shows, and keep your eyes peeled for the impending new releases!

Title: Re: February Newsletter!
Post by: paulr on 21 February 2016, 01:40:28 AM
Great to hear you have all been so busy ;)

March doesn't sound as it will be much quieter with 3 shows :!!

Title: Re: February Newsletter!
Post by: Roy on 21 February 2016, 10:21:38 AM
Are the Lizardmen going to be at Hammerhead, then?  :)

Its probably going to be another 'Look-sy, Buy-sy' moment. There's goes the planned ACW purchase for the show.

Title: Re: February Newsletter!
Post by: Leon on 22 February 2016, 12:05:14 AM
Are the Lizardmen going to be at Hammerhead, then?  :)

Its probably going to be another 'Look-sy, Buy-sy' moment. There's goes the planned ACW purchase for the show.

They will be, yep.